Friday, 17 June 2011

A spectacular Stanley Cup run for the Bruins who finally end their drought

  It took the Boston Bruins 39 years to finally claim its 6th Stanley Cup in franchise history. Here's is how there journey happened.
  In the 26 series that they were down 2-0, they had not been able to come back. They finally reversed that trend when the Bruins overcame the obstacle against their perennial playoff foe, the Montreal Canadiens. The team was able to rally around that 2-0 hole again in the finals vs the Canucks.
 The Bruins had become the first team in Stanley Cup Playoff history to win 3 game 7 s. 2 of thoses 3 games ended in remarkable fashion vs again the Canadiens and the Lightning where Nathan Horton became the only player to score two game winners in the deciding game of the series. Vs the Canucks on the other hand, Conn Smythe winner Tim Thomas whethered the storm in the first ten minutes and then took full advantage of a lackluster performance by Roberto Luongo by captilizing on the oppurtunities.
   Another aspect on their run was on how they joined the Pittsburgh Penguins in 2009 and the Montreal Canadiens in 1971 to win game 7 of the finals on the road. Historically, the home team in thoses games have had the better success but winning an important game of that magnitude is something that has happened on a rare occurance.
  Why this run was spectacular? Well we of course got to witness a team win 3 game 7 in a playoff round which no team ever doing that. The closest to accomplish that was the maple leafs in 1993 when the beat the Wings and the Blues only to come up short vs the Gretsky led Kings in the 3rd round. Will we ever see any team or even the Bruins accomplish this again? We shall see in the future.

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