Thursday, 21 June 2012

Is it worth it?

  I normally should be writing a tribute blog to future hall of famer LaDainian Tomlinson but there is something in mind that is worth mentioning. The 2012 NHL Entry Draft is coming very soon and of course there are many rumors that are floating around. There is one rumor in particular that has gotten my attention. It happens to be the future of Rick Nash. It is clearly evident that the power forward is unhappy in Columbus and wants out. There happens to be two questions. What do the Blue Jackets want in return? and which team is in the running for him?
  To answer the first question, the Jackets simply want a lot. I'm kidding but from a realistic standpoint here is what most people are speculating. GM Scott Howson wants top prospects, a top 6 forward and a first round draft pick. While he was able to unload Jeff Carter's contract and obtain a top 4 defensemen (Jack Johnson), will Howson be able to work his magic and unload his 8 year contract which is worth $62.4 million.?
  Now the answer to the second question? Every GM in the NHL would die to have a player of Nash's quality. He has the size,skillset and the drive but there is a catch. Nash happens to have a no-trade clause. So the trade would only happen if Howson gets what he wants and if it is to Nash's liking. The teams that show interest are the Rangers, Flyers, Sharks, and the Sens. Even the Canes if you can believe it are in the mix along with Pittsburgh. My only question however is would it be worth it to give up that much to acquire him? San Jose would only if Logan Couture's name is off. The Sens would be hard pressed after locking up Erik Karlsson for the next seven years. Would the Rangers consider tinkering with their core that brought them to the Conference Finals just to get him? I would not be surprised if GM Glen Sather would but he is already strapped due to long contracts (Brad Richards,Marian Gaborik).
  So what I am trying to get at here is simple. It would be awesome to have a player of Nash's quality but it is not worth giving up the required assests to get him. The reason being is because no GM would risk giving up their future for a short term need. A GM would only consider doing it if they lack that one player to get them over the top. Then again they have to work out the restraints that are caused by the salary cap (Nash's huge contract). Imagine giving up what could of been a franchise player or even a great draft pick just to adress that quick need. Anything can happen and should any GM pull the trigger, it would be a risky move which would impact both the short and the long term of the respective franchises.

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