Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Why the Labor Day Classic will have an unusual vibe?

  As oppose to the NFL, the CFL play on two Mondays during the season, on Labor Day and on Thanksgiving Monday. Since the Ottawa Renegades folded after the end of the 2005 season, the past 5 season the weekend usually starts with the coast to coast rivalry between the Lions and the Als. The Sunday matchup features the beginning of a home and home series between the Saskatchewan RoughRiders and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and of course on the Monday itself, viewers across the country get to see two great games in both the Battle of Ontario and the Battle of Alberta.
  While the Prairie teams and the Battle of Alberta will continue it Labor Day tradition, there will not be a Coast to Coast game or even a Battle of Ontario game because of scheduling conflicts at the Rogers Center which would mean a lack of home games for the Argos. Instead the Lions will be going to Toronto and play the Argos while Hamilton will host the game on Monday but vs the Als.
  This has an unusual vibe because every year, fans from across the country always look forward to this date to see great rivalries renewed. While this year's version will see the Als and the Tiger-Cats battle for second place in the suddenly competitive East Division, the CFL has got to put back the Battle of Ontario for next season because it has that hatred and feel that fans are looking for when both teams put on their shoulder pads and play football for supremecy in Ontario. Let's hope we get to see the usual matchup for Labor Day 2012.

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