Monday, 21 May 2012

More CFL history in the making

  On Victoria Day last year, I had completed my first blog which was called "CFL history in the making". In it featured how Anthony Calvillo had two goals in mind for the 2011 season. It was to win a 4th Grey Cup and to become the CFL's all time leading passer. He didn't get the 4th ring, but he ended up being the all time leading passer which I had also wrote about called "CFL history has finally been made"(Oct 10,2011).
  Well one year later and CFL training camp only a few weeks away, Slotback Geroy Simon of the BC Lions has his quest that he wants to achieve this season. It is obviously to win a 3rd Grey Cup and of course making CFL history. Simon unlike Calvillo has played the bulk of his career in the tough West division but he has been a part of three Grey Cup games in which he won 2 of them (2006,2011). Similar to Calvillo last year, Simon and his troops will have even more pressure to win in back to back years. This is because they were the first team ever to have started a season at 0-5 and then bounce back and win it all.
  Now the history part. Simon will beat Milt Stegall's record of 15,153 yards. Unlike AC, Simon will be the new king on the 1st week of the regular season as he has 15,087 yards. Simon's journey has somewhat of a remarkable journey. Believe it or not, both he and Stegall were teammates for two season with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Stegall had already made a name for himself while Geroy was learning the ropes of the Canadian game. Simon took what Stegall taught him when he bolted to Vancouver in 2001 and he has never looked back. He has become the go-to receiver, a leader and more importantly a role model to the community of the CFL.
  So all that knowledge that Simon learned all those years ago ended up benefitting him as he will become the new king in receiving yards. An honour that he truly deserves.