Thursday, 2 February 2012

A possible way to save the New York Islanders?

  In recent memory, the New York Islanders have been part of relocation rumors because of their arena. Built in 1972, Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum has fallen into a state of disrepair with a story that a leakage happened in the weight room. Owner Charles Wang came up with the lighthouse project which would of seen a brand new arena with a five star hotel but voters in Nassau County rejected the proposal as it would have costed 3.74 billion dollars.
  The only suitable way to see the Islanders stay in New York is if they share a arena with another team. That arena would be the Barclays Center. Once it opens in September, it will be the home of the New Jersey Nets of the NBA but a problem could lie. The arena can nevertheless accomodate a NHL rink but only 14,500 people can attend which would make it the smallest arena in the league. It shares a resemblance with the Phoenix Coyotes as US Airways Center with the attendance but it was much harder to fit a NHL rink due to the tight seating configuration which was more suitable for basketball. In the end, most people in the hockey world knows that commissioner Gary Bettman would prefer the Islanders to stay rather than relocating to another market.

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